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About Alice_Summer

Hello!….I am back in all my glory. Some of you will know me already but for those of you who are yet to discover my delights then let me give you an insight into my character and what I try to achieve here. I am a professional webcam model who loves to please you in the art of sensual chat, sexy and slow striptease (emphasis on tease!) and very naughty play. I enjoy arousing you and also watching you as you play and join in our fun. My shows are not about domination by either of us.they are all about mutual satisfaction because I want to be horny and turned on as much as you do!

Of course your time with me doesn’t always have to be sexual as I also love a good old natter about anything and everything that is going on in the world or in your world. I’m really interested to get to know my friends on here and what interests you.

To give you some guidance let me also tell you what is not involved in my shows. I will not be your mistress or your servant and neither will I indulge in the taboo subjects such as pee, poo, puking, animals, pain, mutilation or JOI. I’m impressed much more by a man who knows how to please himself as this really excites me. Believe me….I will show you just how much it excites me[;)]

So guys, please be respectful and polite at all times as I do not respond to rudeness and anyone barking orders at me and also remember your manners so reply when I say hello to you. It’s really not that difficult!


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