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Crystal Lake

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See my topic above for more information. Tip or take me private for special requests. Cam2cam with me for more fun.

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About me Crystal Lake

-Rock n Roll. Horror movies. Halloween everyday.
Fur free and animal rights. Nature lover.
Coffee. Sugar. Saltwater. Hiking.
Believer and dreamer.

-I have 3 rescue cats that like to be super obnoxious and make appearances on cam: Ashrah , Xena and Crowley. I currently have a fourth. I pulled her off the streets after I noticed her nose was crushed due to some sort of trauma. She is also feline leukemia positive so nobody wants to adopt her...aaaaaaand now a fifth. A feral street cat that was severely injured and had a broken leg. I caught him and chose to have it amputated instead of euthanasia and now he is in the house. He wants me dead real bad. You're welcome, asshole.
-I have my own cat rescue, specializing in reforming ferals. I have adults cats that need their forever homes. It's tough. They are special needs due to their shyness of strangers.
-I also work with the TNR program (trap-neuter-return). I trap feral and stray cats and have them to the vet at 7:30 AM to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and ear tipped. A quarter of an inch of the left ear is clipped off. Ear tipping is the universal sign that cat has been altered. They recover in my garage and I release them where I caught them. This is so crucial in controlling the feral cat population. It also stops fighting and spraying. Most importantly, it stops litters of kittens being born on the streets or ending up in shelters, which are already full of homeless animals. Outside cats only have a lifespan of 5 miserable and dangerous years. ALL TIPS HELP TO CONTINUE THIS LIFE SAVING WORK =)....Cat people are the best people!
I like to smile and have fun. I like to dance and tease. Happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I'm also quite sassy, so watch yourself.
Hang out. Have a good time. Be positive. Be polite.
Remember, nice guys DON'T finish last.
Do not tell me what to do. Do not ask for anything if you aren't tipping and do not ask for stuff off other people's tips. Also, there is no such thing as a "free preview". That stupid freeloading shit doesn't work in my room.
Tip for all requests.
Toys, roleplaying, pink and C2C in private only.
No Skype.
PM me ONLY if you are tipping or to discuss private.
I report trolls and will have your account deactivated.
I like the block button.

I do have an Amazon Wishlist and appreciate everything. I also spoil back <3


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2018-04-18 22:07:03
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5'5'' - 5'9''
115 - 130 lbs
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