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About me eimmyhot

Hi guys, my name is valentina, I am 21 years old, I am a very submissive woman, I love to dance, you will realize this when you visit my
room! I'm an industrial engineering student, I love numbers, on weekends I usually hang out with my friends.
If you want to know more about me, come visit me in my room, YOU ARE WELCOME IN IT! I'm happy to spend time and know
new people as you are * or *
*. When you enter a room, please, at least, say hello. I would not enter your house without doing it, this is your house,
say at least hello.
*. Knowing myself; You may be surprised how kind I am.
*. Do not enter the room and ask me to show you your tits, show me your pussy, show me your ass
. Would you go into a bar and tell the first woman you know to show me your tits? Think about it.
*. If the model is in the middle of a show, be polite, say hello and then do it if you enjoy what you see.
Again, do not demand that she do something.
*. This is for guests, grays and Golds, these women are working, the creditos are how they pay their bills, remember that.
*. Do not tell the model if she shows you (ass, pussy, tits) whatever, you'll tilt her later, these women were not born yesterday. If you want to see something, ask how many tokns to see it (ass, pussy, tits) that is, thank you very much and leave.
*. Read your profile, most have all the questions you are going to ask, already answered, just take the time to read.
*. Yes, you will know that the models that all they want are creditos, do not want to know and do not want to know them.
*. Remember that these women have lives outside this site; they have feelings, they are not robots, they eat, they sleep,
They have problems like you. This is their job when they are in the camera, the creditos are the way they are paid and
If you look at how much the tokns cost, you need many tokens to be able to do anything.
*. Finally, I know you're thinking what a fool, maybe an idiot, but I try my best to treat the
others, how I would like to be treated and I think you are
Ladies deserve respect and I do everything I can to give them
the respect they deserve. Try on, you'll be surprised what you get in return.


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2018-08-30 19:05:07
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